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Let's help Stefcho walk again Fund
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Let's help Stefcho walk again Fund This is Stefan, who is 7 years old and should be in first grade this fall. As a result of a car accident, Stefcho is completely immobilized from the chest down. Regardless of the difficulties he is going through, Stefcho is smiling in all the photos, making efforts and fighting daily for the opportunity to walk again. There is a chance for recovery and a chance for Stefcho to walk again, but it all depends on his family being able to provide him with daily, intensive, specialized rehabilitation, as well as prostheses and a stabilizing chair so he can go to school. At the moment it is clear that there are specialized clinics in Germany, Slovakia and Israel that have equipment and specialists suitable for Stefan's condition. The offer from Germany is for EUR 30,000 for one 6-week session. The child will need four such sessions annually to restore his spine. These are only part of the costs, as they do not include the transport and stay during Stefcho's rehabilitation abroad. Special leg prostheses worth BGN 1,300 have already been ordered to keep the joints straight and avoid contractures and complications. It is necessary to order two more types of prostheses with which he can be straightened in stages - they will cost over 30,000 BGN. The chair we mentioned is between 2,000 and 4,000 BGN. Some of the orthoses need to be replaced at 6 months as Stefcho grows every day. His family is unable to cover these financial needs and they need help to see their child walk again. Please, support this little hero!
Erick's Farmhouse and Store Fund (for youth with developmental challenges)
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Erick's Farmhouse and Store Fund (for youth with developmental challenges)
Give youth shelter and meaningful work by assisting in the completion of this home on the farmland purchased in Tanzania. Building for Generations (BFG) is a 501c3 U.S. based non-profit started by the mother of an adult with Downs Syndrome and has operated for close to 18 years. They are partnered with a mother of a son with Autism and a native Tanzanian who founded Connects Autism Tanzania (CAT). Erick, who the home is named after is her son. BFG has purchased the land, brought in water, planted, and is ready to put the roof on the home and complete the interior with your help. This home will serve up to 25 youth with adequate shelter that are training in agriculture and/or that are students at the CAT skills center. The role of BFG is to complete the facility which will then be run by CAT and the Tanzanian community. The farm and store has potential to serve more students as the skills center grows. Seventeen years ago when founder of BFG visited Tanzania no child with a disability was attending school in Arusha, Tanzania. BFG built the first special needs unit and since that time and through the advocacy of a Tanzanian mother and founder of (CAT) the local government has built 17 more units. As students aged out of the system, housing and employment became the emerging need. BFG and CAT are meeting that need with employment training and placement. Help us continue the momentum by supporting Erick's Farmhouse and store. Thank you