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VMware TAM's Giving Back - Holiday Season 2022 Fund

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possibility to give something back to our society over the holiday season 2022

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SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. is committed to improving the living conditions of socially disadvantaged children, young people and their families - as a youth welfare organisation and aid agency in Germany and worldwide.
We support young people and families at over 230 locations in Germany through a wide range of services.

Our motto: Giving children hope and a future

Giving children a safe home - that is our mission. As a politically and denominationally independent social organization, we have the opportunity to make the world a little better. SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. is one of the major sponsoring associations in the globally active umbrella organization SOS Children's Villages International.

SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. is a renowned aid organization and a nationwide youth welfare provider - with clearly defined statutes, a forward-looking mission statement and a well-founded strategy.


We work for children who are orphaned, abandoned or whose families are unable to care for them. We give these children the opportunity to build lasting relationships within a family.
Our family approach in the SOS Children's Village is based on four principles: Each child needs a mother, and grows up most naturally with brothers and sisters, in their own house, within a supportive village environment.
We enable children to live according to their own culture and religion, and to be active members of the community.
We help children to recognise and express their individual abilities, interests and talents.
We ensure that children receive the education and skills training they need to be successful and contributing members of society.
We share in community life and respond to the social development needs of society's most vulnerable children and young people.
We establish facilities and programmes that aim to strengthen families and prevent the abandonment of children.
We join hands with community members to provide education and health care, and respond to emergencies.

The Roger Federer Foundation

Empowering children living in poverty by quality education

oneukraine gGmbH

1. Mission

OneUkraine is a charitable organization built around data that provides sustainable and scalable relief to Ukraine and the Ukrainian people aiming to ensure the safety of the displaced people, spearhead the development of mental health services to the population affected by war in Ukraine, and in the long term in other war-affected countries.

2. Goals & Instruments

2.1. Ensure the safety of the displaced people

2.1.1. Evacuation of displaced Ukrainians. OneUkraine aims to continue organizing evacuations as long as the demand exists among the displaced people. Our target is to keep organizing 2 evacuation buses per week to accommodate 96 people. The average cost of 2 buses is EUR 5,800.

2.1.2. Evacuation of children. OneUkraine aims to facilitate evacuation for the treatment of around 850 children with severe cancer and rare illnesses until the end of 2022.

2.1.3. Aid. OneUkraine aims to continue promoting the delivery of humanitarian aid more sustainably by increasing the engagement of the local Ukrainian producers in the humanitarian supply chain in Ukraine via the existing net of suppliers and manufacturers.

2.1.4. Construction. OneUkraine aims to build the first house for internally displaced people in the Western region of Ukraine in cooperation with the local municipalities to provide affordable apartments for internally displaced people and military veterans in 2023.

2.2. Spearhead the development of mental health services

2.2.1. Pilot projects. OneUkraine's target is to set up pilot projects of various therapeutical protocols for PTSD treatment: group therapy, military veterans' treatment, breathwork & trauma release exercises, EMDR, RTM, family support and reunion, volunteering for community-based projects, etc. Independent experts will assess the pilot projects to identify the most efficient protocols and further our team will scale them across the country.

2.2.2. Platform. OneUkraine will develop a web platform with the functionality for online education of the therapists on trauma treatment, the spread of the information about the mental health services available for the population in the specific area, self-assessment, and collection of credible anonymized data for the stakeholders of the market. OneUkraine will use the platform to further scale the pilot projects by increasing the number of therapists with the relevant education and providing access to the services of such therapists to the affected population.

2.2.4. Breaking the stigma. OneUkraine will continue to create informational projects to bring awareness about the importance of mental health importance by engaging international and local Ukrainian psychologists, psychiatrists, life coaches, and media persons.

Nova Ukraine

Nova Ukraine's mission:1. Provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable groups and individuals in Ukraine.2. Raise awareness about Ukraine in the United States and throughout the world.3. Support Ukraine in its effort to build a strong civil society, to reform its educational system, and to eliminate corruption.

Visions for Children e.V.

Worldwide, around 60 million children have no access to primary education and roughly 387 million children are unable to acquire basic skills, despite attending school (Global Education Monitoring Report, UNESCO, 2017).
It is our vision to create a world in which every child can read and write.
Since 2006, Visions for Children e.V. has been committed to ensuring that every child is given the opportunity to obtain a basic education with which they can acquire basic skills. We particularly build on and contribute to the fourth sustainability goal of the United Nations' Agenda 2030 - namely to ensure an equitable and high-quality education. We believe schools to be anchor points that give children the chance of a self-determined future by means of capacity building within the entire region.

VMware TAM's Giving Back - Holiday Season 2022 Fund

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